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"3D Erlebnis Stahlwerk", Hoesch-Museum, Dortmund

The "3D experience: steelworks" moves visitors into the real situation of a steelwork. The dimensions of the work and its aggregates are gigantic, the red-hot steel causes a particular lighting situation, and visitors can engage themselves in action: An industrial joystick makes them become crane operators in the steel mill. more3D produced the interactive stereoscopic simulation with the scale and intensity of a real steelwork that can be enjoyed in multiple aspects just like being really there. As the panel for the visitors should be situated directly in front of the screen the most modern rear-projection 3D technology was used and rounded off with a powerful sound system.

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3D simulator, University of Zwickau

At the Institute of Automotive Engineering two different stereoscopic simulators are being realized to check the geographic contours of planned road projects, each with the help of a software that had been developed at the Institute. The software by more3D moreStereo3D is the base to control the two very different simulators in 3D. The more3D software generates a 3D stereo signal in real-time from the simulation software. One of the simulators was built with three stereoscopic displays and a specially designed desk along with retractable pedals and steering wheel. The major simulator uses a 4.5 m wide curved silver screen on which two pairs of HD projectors produce a three-dimensional image.

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TÜV-Nürburgring, TÜV-Rheinland

more3D created a rapid 3D animation for the TUV- shop in the Boulevard Ring of the redesigned Nurburgring. It informs visitors of the TUV Rheinland within 3 minutes in an eventful and exciting way about the power spectrum of the motor area. Unusual camera angles, close proximity to the Formula 1 car and the reduced graphical look stirs up anyone’s attention. To assure fast turn- arounds when crowded 3D glasses are hanging from the ceiling to watch the projection cube that appears to float in space. It is equipped with a rear projection screen, an integrated audio system and very bright projectors.


"The IWEIN Saga" Castle Wilhelmsburg, Schmalkalden

In cooperation with the local client WMP-consulting more3D created the computer-animated 3D version of the legendary knight saga "IWEIN", written about 1200 AD from the German epic poet Hartmann von Aue. more3D supplied both the custom- made seven-meter wide screen, as well as the stereoscopic projection technology that takes visitors of the castle Wilhelmsburg in Schmalkalden back to the Middle Ages.

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