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more3D's Partners

Desys srl, Italy
Our partner for Italy. Solution Architect and Reseller for SAP and Siemens software.

Simulation Solutions, UK
Simulation Solutions partner with manufacturers to help optimise processes using simulations. Recognised by Siemens for specialising in Plant Simulation and Robotics.

Vizexperts is our partner in India, the company is highly professional for building POWERWALL and CAVE VR installations.

UCTSYS is our partner in China, the company is Siemens Solution Partner. UCTSYS is expert for Siemens software and automation/robotics.

Aviation Virtual, Singapore
Aviation Virtual is our partner in Singapore. VR CAVE specialist in South Asia.

3DN, South Korea
Our partner for South Korea. Expert for VR Software, 3D and VR Projection and Hardware.

Our Partner for France. VR, Interaction and high-class technology expert.

Our partner for Spain and Portugal. VR specialist and all arounder in IT.

LET'S corporation, Japan
Our Partner for Japan and Asia. Technologyexpert and highly active.

visbox, USA

Our Partner for the USA. VR Technology veteran and expert, brilliant hardware products., s.r.o., Czech Republic
Our partner for Czech Republic. Generalist and videoexpert.

3Dims GmbH, Germany
Our 3D stereo hardware partner in Germany. Top level consulting, strong solution design and turnkey systems.

Vioso, Germany
Experts for warping, blending and much, much more. High-End software technology.

VRLOGIC, Germany
VRLOGIC is the all around hard- and software specialist for 3D and VR products in Germany.