Fatigue free stereo device: moreSonic 2720 / moreSonic³ 3840UHD

The quality of work is influenced by the worker’s fitness. It is essential that everybody’s daily capacity is focused on the subject and not on the tool. Roads are rather built with bulldozers than with hands and shovels. This is why we have developed the moreSonic³ 2720H / moreSonic³ 3840UHD 3D stereo display: it provides you with fatigue free 3D stereo visualization.

With the new Sonic Stereo Mirror 3D technology the device provides a flicker-free and full-resolution 3D stereo image. If you are looking for a replacement for the end-of-life Planar displays SD2620W, SD2420W, SD2320W, etc. you have just found it.

We don’t just make a 3D stereo display, we Germanize it. From owners of Planar SD2620W we have collected feedback and improved the technology with our engineers to create a true alternative to the Planar SD2620W.


  • Wear-free, magnetic Mirrorlocks
  • Flat stand foot to unblock your mousepath
  • Lockable mirror adjustment screws
  • All-metal solid framing
Fatigue free stereo device: moreSonic 2720 / moreSonic³ 3840UHD
Fatigue free stereo device: moreSonic 2720 / moreSonic³ 3840UHD

Sophisticated and reliable technology

Displays relying on line-by-line polarization often have a limited sweet spot for 3D viewing. Text menus are hard to read while wearing 3D glasses, because the technology reduces the 3D viewing resolution by 50%.
Shutter-technology based displays are known to cause eye strain much quicker than polarizing screens due to rapid flicker. Light sources are perceived bothersome.

more3D’s flagship monitor product is available in 27’’ size with full 1080p resolution per eye and 28’’ size with full 2160p resolution per eye. more3D’s Sonic Stereo Mirror 3D monitors deliver the full resolution to both eyes for stunning stereo imaging. Beamsplitter technology enables an unprecedented level of stereo viewing comfort. Flicker-free operation allows extended stereo use with no discomfort. There is no restrictive “sweet spot” for viewing stereo images and there is no need to work in a dimly-lit environment. The monitor provides sufficient brightness to be used in any office’s ambient light.

Make sure to check this comparison chart about the 3D monitor technologies.

The best technology made in Germany

The moreSonic Series are being manufactured in Germany following the highest quality guidelines in engeering. With a team of researches more3D has found special panel types to be the most reliable solution while providing the image quality this product deserves. We are working for 3D stereo since 2001. Parts of the team even longer, since 1996 with the former ELSA AG and the focussed produced “3D Revelator”. more3D puts its knowledge together for your benefit. Ever since 2001 we develop new ways of 3D stereo generation, 3D stereo output and visualization. more3D has developed a unique 3D Stereo Plugin software for many natively flat non-stereo applications. Using the moreStereo3D software and the moreSonic displays series you are about to achieve true immersion in a fatigue free working environment.

Fatigue free stereo device: moreSonic 2720 / moreSonic³ 3840UHD
Fatigue free stereo device: moreSonic 2720 / moreSonic³ 3840UHD

The moreSonic³ display series bundles perfectly with more3D’s stereo 3D and virtual reality software packages:
moreStereo3D – the universal 3D Stereo plugin directly injects stereoscopic 3D into many certified applications
moreViz – the Virtual Reality bridge software mirrors your applications viewport directly in Virtual Reality for over 35 certified applications