Design processes are accompanied by many meetings and revisions. CAD files are created and then revised and adjusted again and again in iterative processes. Every iteration is time intensive and therefore costly. Virtual Reality based team reviews with the moreViz VR bridge or the moreStereo3D Stereo 3D plugin are here to counter this. With the realistic impression of model size and in stereo 3D space and the natural interaction in Virtual Reality iteration cycles reduced – and cycles are faster. With the natural visual understanding of models time and money are easily saved from every digital design process. And there’ll be less meetings that could’ve been an email.

Outmoded way of CAD Review

Surely you have experienced the following: colleagues meet in a conference room to evaluate a 3D CAD model. Everybody looks at the same laptop screen and one colleague controls the 3D model with the mouse. Commands like “Turn it around, the corner, no the corner so we can look at it from the left, no tilt it a little more, yes like that!” are sure to be heard. Now imagine that all colleagues are in their homeoffices, connected on MS Teams, Zoom or other Google Meet. The struggle to get the right view becomes even harder. The flow of information is even slower.

There are still companies who send PDF files for this purpose, some even do it in MS Excel. That is not the most convenient option, because few people can see a 3D object just by looking at a 2D drawing or tables. This is an option for simple agreements, however, not for more complex tasks. often people with different professions come together. Somebody who works daily with CAD data can grasp a CAD model much easier than, for example, a customer who is not familiar with the topic or a colleague from the marketing department. The required level of abstract thinking is not self evident. With more3D’s 3D and VR software and hardware solutions you reduce abstraction and to increase information.

How does stereo 3D help?

With the stereoscopic solutions by more3D you finally make the hidden dimension of your 3D data visible. Information that had to be abstracted can now directly be seen visually and naturally. With the direct 3D and VR visualization solution by more3D your existing model library and your productive CAD system instanteously become 3D Stereo and VR-compatible for faster evaluation, more sucessful meetings and an overall more efficient design process.