more3D has 20 years of experience in 3D Stereo and Virtual Reality application development and 3D Stereo injection / Virtual Reality bridging for existing applications. With the moreViz VR bridge OpenGL based applications are easily bridged into Virtual Reality. With the moreStereo3D 3D Stereo plugin software the viewport of existing apps is converted into stereoscopic 3D.

Native 3D Stereo and Virtual Reality support from within applications requires experience and know-how of the current technologies. Especially when looking at advanced VR devices like CAVE, DOME or glasses-free autostereoscopic displays. The best practices for a general VR support, from interface design over hardware support to user experience, need to be tailored to the application’s general functions. The spatial visualization must deliver a business benefit, empowering users to gain new insight and save time on their work.

more3D’s deep understanding of the technical side, paired with advanced use case analysis, allows to create true next-gen solutions for your application.

Examplary app types receiving big benefits from VR visualization:

  • Scientific Image Processors (e.g. flow analysis)
  • Geospatial Applications (e.g. remote sensing, terrain analysis)
  • CAD Applications (e.g. general design and construction)
  • Product Configurators (e.g. car showrooms)
  • Demonstrator software (e.g. custom projects for tradeshows)
  • Interior design applications (e.g. kitchen layout)
  • BIM software (e.g. building construction software)
  • Factory Simulation software

The overall benefit of course depends on the application’s target – you wouldnt want to display Excel spreadsheets in Virtual reality. VR visualization usually makes sense for any app that operates in three dimensional space, showing objects with size and relation and visually representing information. Contact us if you’re unsure if it’d make sense to VR-enhance your software package and utilize our 20 years of experience – more3D provides honest and free consultation talks.