Travel restrictions lead to uncertainty among customers and employees and have a lasting effect on the flexibility of a company. Familiar processes in engineering must be reevaluated. Personal appointments, collaboration and presentations can take place in virtual reality.

The moreViz VR bridge software is ready for use in just a few clicks from anywhere in the world.With the help of life-size visualisations, your colleagues, customers and suppliers can experience your products from a great distance in VR.

Take a typical design scenario: a machine assembly created using one CAD system, for example, Siemens NX.  The engineers do not design all the parts, however; they specify many parts from their supply chain, even more may be supplied by a program partner, contracted for a specialized system. The Tier I supplier may use another CAD system, like PTC Creo, the program partner uses a third, say CATIA.  This three-legged project might be considered the ‘classic’ interoperability challenge, the one where in years past, engineers set up three different work stations, each with different modeling software.

With the moreViz VR bridge software, parts can be presented without the the need for the specific CAD app in supplier’s IT environment. moreViz simply sends the graphic data from your (home-) office environment to the suppliers computer, for instant VR viewing on any device or also for a 2D monoscopic display on traditional displays.

The 3D Projector and the HTC Vive work together – not necessarily in the same room, they might even be interconnected over the internet.

With the moreViz Collaboration software module parts from any supported CAD can be visualized in remote offices, on any VR device – without the need to install said CAD software or convert model files in any way. In a collaborative VR session users see each other as avatars and communication is ensured by a clear VOIP line.