Unlock Limitless 3D Projection Possibilities with moreViz VR Bridge Software

Empower your visualization experience with moreViz VR Bridge software, where the boundaries of 3D projection configurations dissolve. moreViz supports any number of screens, any shape of screens, any alignment of screen edges, any resolution – the options are limitless.

Versatile Screen Setup:

  • Powerwall: Seamlessly integrate moreViz with Powerwalls—a fusion of a 3D projector and tracking system—to create captivating visual landscapes.
  • L-Shape projection: Explore a spectrum of possibilities with moreViz’s intuitive screen setup functions. Effortlessly craft dynamic configurations, from L-shaped 3D projections combining front walls and floor projections for heightened immersion.
  • Corner CAVEs: 3D projection that envelops the user in a complete virtual environment, consisting of front, floor, left or right 3D walls.
more3D Corner Cave
  • Classic four-sided CAVE: Elevate the experience further by expanding to a classic CAVE by adding left AND right 3D walls.
  • Full CAVE: Fully immerse the user within the 3D projection space, with a comprehensive ceiling and rear projection setup.
more3D Full CAVE
more3D Full CAVE
  • VR DOME / arbitrary projection shapes: Harness the full potential of moreViz with seamless integration of Vioso Anyblend calibration files, accommodating projection surfaces of any shape. Experience a new level of immersion with the VR-DOME—an innovative half-sphere configuration that eliminates visual edges between walls, intensifying the immersive experience.
more3D VR DOME
Photo Credit: Geomar / Nikolas Linke
  • Curved Screens: Increases the immersion of a classic powerwall by wrapping around the user.

Stacked Projectors: To increase the resolution and size of a powerwall, simply stack multiple projectors together with the moreViz software.

Angeled Screens: Perfect for production floor review, the angled screen allows to see objects in the distance while keeping the details of the foreground.